Irish Bouzouki german version


Heiner Dreizehnter Bouzouki

This is my new Bouzouki made by Heiner Dreizehnter

Stevens Bouzouki

My old secondhand Stevens Bouzouki


I’ve been playing the guitar now for a long time, but I have always been looking for something else that satisfies my needs. In the 80s I came across the Waldzither, a nine course German folk instrument.

I loved its sound and the tuning was easy to get along with. But because of its tuning it was limited and it always sounded something like German. It is great if you want to play old German folk songs or children songs. I tried open tunings on the guitar and was very excited by DADGAD and DADF#AD. I even owned a Greek bouzouki at that time tuned CFCF, but I wasn’t satisfied with that tuning.

Only two years ago I came across the Irish bouzouki. First I bought a Fylde Cittern, which I loved, but I could not handle the 10 strings, so I gave it back and bought a second hand Stevens Bouzouki.

The sound is wonderful warm. It is not the regular model but one made especial for the one who sold it. The soundhole is oval and the head reminds a bit of Sobell Bouzoukis.


I have collected an overview of important chords in the keys of D, A, G and C. It can be useful if you want to accompany a song or a tune. You can download it if you want to.


I also collected some finger strengthen exercises.


Here you can find some of my favourite songs arranged for the bouzouki in GDAd tuning with chord shapes. (pdf)